System House R & C
  • 2016/4/28Komatsu House Ltd. was changed the company name to "System House R & C Co., Ltd. ".
  • 2015/10/23Updated the English version of the website.

Prefabricated House

SHRC Prefabricated house is a modular house for business use that is the main product of System House R & C Co., Ltd., which is a building that consists of our factory-built wall panels, columns, girders, etc. such as main structures are modularized.

  1. Stable Quality controlled by factory and on-site management system
  2. Cost effective compared with the other conventional construction method
  3. Short construction time at site
  4. Safety & Reliability with comfortable space in the house
  5. Reusable buildings considering environment

The five elements are our standard design for all our products, which leads to reliable products for our customers.

Rental & Reuse

The lineup of the rental modular buildings to be able to choose by use, budget and construction site is available.
Rental building is a recycling building to repeat use, and comes back to our center after having used as a temporary office at construction site, temporary lodgings or a temporary school building, and it is repaired and maintained neatly, and waits for the next shipment. We practice the activity that reduces industrial waste by reuses of the H steel basics for rentals returned our center and the materials made of resin which was replaced from wood.